Use of the Nets at Corfton Road
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6. Use of the Nets at Corfton Road

... for the 2024 season
Please find below the current use of Nets policy;

Use of the Corfton Road Nets

This note is intended to provide guidance as to when the Corfton Road Nets are available for members to use outside of Club training sessions and other Club organised activities.

The first point to stress is that members may only use the CR Nets when the ground is not being used by the Club for the Club’s training sessions or any other organised Club activities, including ECC holiday courses, unless, of course, they are involved in those organised activities.

If you click on the link below, members can see the times when the CR Nets are available for them to use.

CR nets availability 2024.xlsx

This schedule is subject to potential change, e.g. on Sundays, if Senior Cricket matches are being played such as knockout competitions and have not as yet been arranged. The schedule will be updated accordingly from time to time.

Time periods marked Green are when the CR Nets are available and those marked Pink are those times when the CR Nets are not available.

On Saturday mornings when the 1st XI and 2nd XI are preparing to start their matches, there is a window, where, for safety reasons, the use of the CR Nets must be limited. During this time, only the two smaller Junior nets may be used. These times are shown in Orange.

At any time, prior to the start of a Senior match on the weekend, if the CR Nets are needed to be used by Senior Cricketers, who are playing in the match, members are requested to give way to the Senior cricketers. It is hoped that instances of this will be rare.

At all times, while Senior matches are being played, children must be accompanied by an adult and both adults and children need to be aware of the significant safety risk entailed with children using the CR Nets at the same time as Senior cricketers or when a Senior match is being played.

If members are using the CR Nets while a Senior match is being played on Saturdays or Sundays, it is asked that, if a ball strays onto the field of play, the balls are only retrieved by adults and then only during a break in play so that the retrieval of the ball does not disrupt the match in any way.

If members use the CR Nets at any time, they need to consider the risks involved in using the Nets and should be alert at all times and bear in mind and pay attention to what is going on in the other Nets and on the field of play.

It is hoped, with the expanded facilities, there will be plenty of room for all at the times when the CR Nets are available. And, where the CR Nets are being used by others, we would hope that members would co-operate to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to practice.

The Trustees always do what they can to accommodate the use of nets whenever possible and will review the current policy and, once this has happened, any changes that can be accommodated will be announced.