Fri 27
Eastcote CC
Under 9 As
Eastcote vs Ealing CC

Eastcote vs Ealing CC

By Omar Khan
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Ealing boys are on a role

The Ealing boys travelled to the beautiful setting of Eastcote on a lovely Friday evening. I agreed with my counterpart manager that Ealing would bowl first whilst Eastcote were waiting for a couple of children to turn up. The game was played with the following rules:

Each innings starts on 200
10 players were side
Pairs bat for 4 overs
Each bowler bowls 2 overs each
No balls and wides give away 2 runs respectively and are not rebowled
Lose 5 runs for each wicket

Captain: Tayyab Malik

When Ealing went out to the field of play, I was pleased to see that the boys were alert and enthusiastic by constantly encouraging each other. They seem to have finally grasped the importance of "walking" in whilst the bowler is running into bowl. Ealing captured 8 wickets in total, with a couple of smart catches taken and a clever run out. Zuhayr and Lucas SA both obtained 2 wickets each, with Ryan G, Lucas S and Aidan M also obtaining a wicket apiece.

At the half way point, we were in a comfortable position with Eastcote only managing 244 runs. Therefore, as long as we didn't lose too many wickets, the boys knew they would and should knock these runs off quite easily. Having said this, instead of trying to defend a straight ball, we still seemed to try and attack fire with fire and get bowled. A careless run out also lost us a wicket, so a couple of areas to still work on there. A big positive was some excellent running between the wickets. There was some good backing up and some singles were turned into twos which put pressure onto the bowling side. Jake H was our top scorer with 11 runs and the only batsman to get into double figures. However, generally the batting was good and we are good at dispatching bad balls away. Its just a case of learning how to defend a good ball. We finished our innings on 279 for 5 and therefore a win by 35 runs

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Fri 27, May 2016