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Primrose Hill
Under 11 As
Our first trophy - the first of many ?

Our first trophy - the first of many ?

By Narasim Iyengar
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The team shows its class.

Ealing U11s are the new Middlesex U11 County Cup Champions. A fantastic performance yesterday saw the boys beat Primrose Hill by 94 runs. A top team effort from start to finish. If I was to send you a match report highlighting all the good things it would be a long one even by my standards so I'll spare you that but it'd be wrong not to say a few words.........

Another ton for Harjot, aided perfectly by Raoul, Ayaan, Adi, Alex and William, all of whom showed real intent from the start, the most we've seen to date, and they never let up on the opposition bowling. A score of 247-4 in 35 overs is perfect testimony to that. Some of them felt they didn't bat that well. Not true. Not. Even. Close. Yes, there will be times when everything comes off the middle and it's all so easy, but in the context not just of this game but their whole development, what they did in this game was significant. 35 overs is a long time to bat. To go out there and show the kind of intent and drive that they did for that length of time was a huge statement that we'll aim to build upon. 35 overs ? The way they batted yesterday, they could have batted for 135 overs.

But if we could score the runs, so could they. So the bowling needed to be tight from the off. 28 runs conceded in the first ten overs from Scott and Jilal and the game was largely over. Wickets for Jilal, Adi, Scott, Rishab and Raoul. A hugely impressive performance all told over a 35 over period - the first time that a number of this group have ever played a match of this length. Too many balls to add onto a highlights list but I'd have to say Rishab's wicket pleased me the most. Fewer extras conceded in 35 overs than we have on occasion in 20 is a further sign of the boys' growing maturity.

Fielding on a hot afternoon on a big field was tough but the boys stuck to it with the finish line in sight. Everyone did their bit - from Oscar, who had a particularly difficult job standing down a relatively steep slope at one end, to Duracell Crowny who chased everything down relentlessly, he certainly put in some huge yardage yesterday, to Raoul who was Jonty-esque at point and to Isaac who shrugged off an injured foot to steam in for a few overs and make some important stops in the crucial midwicket area.

The boys should be very proud of this, and there's more to come with the League Play-off quarter-final tomorrow and finals day on the 30th if we win. The double's there waiting for us if we keep playing like we did yesterday.

Thanks as always to all you parents and siblings for your support, this can't happen without you. To Prabhjot for confirming his true vocation in life as a master scorer, to Allan and Richard for their counsel not just yesterday but throughout the season and for stopping me making a right horlicks of the scoreboard, to a tonsil-less Jared for coming all that way just to support the team. The list could go on and on (just like me) so I'll stop there.



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Sun 02, Aug 2015