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U13s turn to their spin doctor…

U13s turn to their spin doctor…

By Nick Pilgrim
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Ealing U13s wobble but don’t fall down to see off Osterley in the Cup.

The U13s kept their nerve to move into the next round of the Cup but had a scare along the way when Osterley were ahead of the required run rate for half their innings. A great attitude in the field from the whole team, excellent captaincy and a simply stunning spell of spin from Felix stopped their opposition in their tracks. Ealing won comfortably in the end by 26 runs in a shortened 15 overs a side game.

Ned had a game plan from the off, winning the toss and elected to bat, mindful that he wanted his team to take on Osterley’s Middlesex County fast bowler in the best light possible. He was proved right as Ludo and Sachin dampened his fire but at the end of his first spell Sachin fell to a great ball. Ned joined Ludo for a profitable partnership and the scoreboard ticked over until Ludo was bowled for 12. Robbie “Neo” Connelly had no trouble seeing the ball and both Ned and Neo had to play by the rules and retire at 30. Alex was determined to get Ealing into triple figures and hit a quick-fire 12 and the E-Men duly made it to 102 off their 15 overs.

Just under 7 an over for The O-Men but the early signs were better for Ealing as a wicket fell quickly. That all changed in the next 5 overs as boundary after boundary off short deliveries signalled to the boys that they were in a scrap – Osterley catapulted up to 10 an over. Ned looked to spin to take back the initiative and Felix delivered and delivered in spades putting in a fantastic spell of bowling Warnie would have been proud of – how he didn’t get a wicket no-one knows and that doesn’t take into account two dropped catches! In the space of 20 minutes the run-rate had plummeted.

So, in a swing of initiative bigger than Labour to the SNP, the E-Men re-energised, all the bowling improved immeasurably and the top order bats fell as did the run-rate. Osterley ground to a halt after their blistering start and petered out with 76.

It was pleasing to see the boys cope with a tricky period and to react as they did will stand them in good stead. Well done boys.

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Thu 07, May 2015