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U13 cup campaign on its way past Wembley…

U13 cup campaign on its way past Wembley…

By Nick Pilgrim
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An overcast evening on astro can be a lottery but Ealing U13s took it all in their stride sweeping past Wembley in the first round of the cup.

In a reduced 15 over a side game Ealing were put into bat and notched up an impressive 9.5 RPO to set Wembley 144 to win.

Robbie and Anosh put Wembley under pressure straight away and looked comfortable. Robbie took the game to Wembley even further by ploughing the ball into the kneecap of a poor unfortunate fielder – luckily the lad’s kneecap did what millennia of evolution had developed it for – it compressed alarmingly and diverted it over the boundary rope…phew, we were worried for a moment it would only be a single.

Robbie and Anosh shared a stand of 41 until Robbie fell to a good ball. Ned had clearly prepared himself before going out to bat for a war of attrition but this seemed to have been forgotten in the journey between putting his helmet on and taking guard and hit a 6 off the first ball! 14 balls later he retired on 32. Ned had clearly used all forms of social media the yoof of today employ, to instruct his remaining batsmen of what was expected as they all got the message loud and clear – Radford 4 off his first ball (scored 12 off 12 balls), Alex 4 off his first ball (21 off 10 balls) and Pip (9 off 4 balls) not wanting to be left out, you guessed it 4 off his first ball. Anosh was bedrock and duly retired with top score of 33 (SR 114).

As the temperature dropped so did Wembley’s run rate. Ealing’s depth and variety of bowling kept Wembley guessing and they were never able to match the rate required. A good and aggressive opening batsman kept our fielders warm but when he was run-out, the game was all but over.

Calum delivered 12 high quality balls and picked up 2 wickets, William G had the Wembley boys scratching their heads with his excellent slow balls and picked up a wicket in his first over. Felix was on the money but unlucky and Pip was Mr Consistent. Alex and Ned’s pace stopped Wembley in their tracks and forced Robbie “Neo” Connelly to perform feats of agility akin to the hero of The Matrix franchise! Fielding was sharp and quick to match. Wembley ended on 80-4.

As in past years, over a ¼ of the opposition’s runs were extras! So work to be done boys on the next round. To close on the words of the immortal Richie Benaud “..good effort that”.

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Fri 24, Apr 2015