Sat 24
2nd XI
Shepherds Bush CC - 2nd XI
Ealing CC 1st XI v Sheppards Bush CC 1st XI

Ealing CC 1st XI v Sheppards Bush CC 1st XI

By Chad Barrett
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Ealing come out on top

The day started off like any other Saturday- Glasper was complaining, Anand was discussing his 15th injury of the season and Alasdair Dewhurst was quiet. Outside the sun was beating down and destroying peoples will to live, especially if they had played a rain card the night before. There were no surprises from the punters as the Ealing Skipper won the toss and elected to bat. A bowl first decision would have led to a riot.
After some inspiring words, which will hence forth be considered up there with Al Pacino speech in any given Sunday the openers took to the field and the mighty bell was rung. The pitch was as a batters paradise as the shot of the day contender occurred in the early stages as skipper Neil Fairbairn hit a memorising straight drive down the ground.

Shepards Bush bowling was slightly erratic and would be a constant theme throughout the first innings as they totalled 23 wides. An early mix up and direct runout sent Fairs back into the sheds and O’Malley into the 3s next week. Momentum had the potential to swing back in favour of the top of the table.

Alasdair Dewhurst came to the crease and the rest was history. For the next 30 overs himself and Tattersall (54) dispatched Shepards Bush to all parts of the ground. Dewhurst swept well and Tatters ran the opposition ragged causing him to be redder than a lobster with sun burn. The depleted bowlers had no answer.

Unfortunately, the only relief for Shepards Bush came in a disappointing decision to remove Dewhurst on a sensational 90. Some late cameos left Ealing on 259-6 after 45 overs. A special mention must go to Juan Henri who scored 0 runs off 6 balls with a leave and two blocks to finish the innings and secure himself some extra fantasy points for the not out.

As England dominated Ireland in rugby and Root & Denly were scraping to survive Ealing headed out to defend the Crofton Road fortress.
The innings started off well with what can only be described as clinical bowling performance from Henri & Glasper. For the third time this season Glasper got a wicket on a no ball as he continues to flirt with the front foot line. Two balls later he dismissed the frazzled opener and Ealing were away.
An all-round effort from all the bowlers was on display as the crowd grew around the club house to see the Ealing squeeze begin. The pints began to be poured on the side-line and victory seemed to be around the corner. Like an episode nine of Game of thrones drama arose. Tatters who was running back to take a catch hit the ground hard spilling the leather and had to be subbed off for a somewhat tipsy spectator “Warney” who hadn’t played cricket for 4 years.

Two overs later more drama as Cabs whos limbs are normally smiling at him on the floor at Mid On popped a calf muscle walking in (Yes walking) and Felly was welcomed with open arms as our second sub fielder. (both questionable injuries are currently under review as the supposedly hurt players were spotted with pints in their hands not long after)
Oscar Dewhurst re applied the pressure with 2 wickets and only 33 runs off his 9 overs. Slowy Slowman picked up 2 wickets himself. Not having Cabs meant that someone else was going to have to step up to the mark. While he sipped away on a San Miguel a hero came along in the unlikeliest of forms.

The skipper Fairs running in faster than a greyhound on race day bowled a truly memorising spell. The highlight was a witty on purpose half tracker, Akhter who was on 76 fell for the trap and licked his lips hitting the ball square right down the throat of Glasper who caught him on the boundary in front of his entire family. It is fair to say every man and his dog had money on the ball. Shepards Bush last fighting chance was done and Fairbairn took the final wicket in the 42nd over finishing with 3wickets for 46 runs off his 7.2 overs. At the end of the day Shepards Bush were all out for 211.
A great day out for Ealing with an emphatic win as the lads look ahead to playing Teddington.
Regards C.O’Malley

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Sat 24, Aug 2019




2nd Xl Division One