IKON IFL Skills Day & Colts Press Day

IKON IFL Skills Day & Colts Press Day

By Chad Barrett
13th April
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Don't miss out !!

The Inaugural Inter Franchise Skills Day will take place at Ealing Cricket Club, Corfton Road on the Sunday 14th April. The Club Press day will be taking place at the same time.

Please bring your Ealing CC white cricket clothing for the Team Picture and Individual Photo which will go on the ealingcc.co.uk website. If you don't have a Ealing Top please bring a plain white top.

Choice Willow bat makers will be there to supply you with any new equipment you will need for the upcoming season!

The times for each Team is as follows:


U6 - 11:00 "just a team photo"
U7 - 11:15 "just a team photo"
U8 - 11:30 Team + Individual
U9 - 11:45 Team + Individual
U10 - 12:00 Team + Individual
U11 - 12:30 Team + Individual
U12 - 13:00 Team + Individual
U13 - 13:30 Team + Individual
U14 - 14:00 Team + Individual
U15 - 14:15 Team + Individual
U17 - 14:30 Team + Individual
U19 - 14:45 Team + Individual


U8 15:00 "just a team photo"
U10 15:15 Team + Individual
U12 15:45 Team + Individual
U14 16:15 Team + Individual
U17 16:30 Team + Individual
1XI 16:45 Team + Individual

Please note your child's time for the photo and Skills training do not clash, thus participants won't miss out on either.

U8/9 - 10:30am
U10/11 - 12:30pm

Looking forward to the day where all the players will demonstrate their Batting, Bowling and Fielding skills. All participants will be entered into the draft which is being held on the 28th April from 1pm at Ealing Cricket Club.

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