Colts Training Times 2019

Colts Training times


U12/13 Boys A 6pm - 8pm Popesfield
U12/13 Boys B 6pm - 8pm Corton Road


Girls Academy / Women 5pm - 7pm Corfton Road
U14 - U15 + U17 - U19 Boys 6pm - 8pm Corfton Road


U10/11 Boys A 6pm - 8pm Popesfield
U10/11 Boys B 6pm - 8pm Corfton Road


U6/7 Boys / Girls U6 - U9 5pm - 6:30pm Corfton Road
U8/9 B Boys / Girls U10 - U17 6:30pm - 8pm Corfton Road
U8/9 A Boys 6pm - 8pm Popesfield

As a change to previous years, there will be training on Bank Holiday Mondays, but there will no training on Friday 19th July.