Club Membership

Ealing CC have launched a new Membership section where new members can apply for playing or social membership and existing members will be able to update membership details and pay annual subscriptions. The web address for this is:

In the meantime, if you require any further information about joining Ealing Cricket Club with the intention of representing one of the senior men's XIs, please contact David Holt/b]

If you wish to apply for your children to join [b]Ealing Juniors, please email the following details to Laura Fairbairn at and your child will be added to the waiting list:

• Your name, address, contact email and phone number
• Your child's name, Date of Birth and school

Please note that i) we are currently only able to accommodate juniors living in the Borough of Ealing and ii) juniors can only play for one club in any one season.

For the 2024 season …Juniors are classified re their dates of birth as follows…

U5 - Born between 1st Sept 2018 and 31st Aug 2019
U6 - Born between 1st Sept 2017 and 31st Aug 2018
U7 - Born between 1st Sept 2016 and 31st Aug 2017
U8 - Born between 1st Sept 2015 and 31st Aug 2016
U9 - Born between 1st Sept 2014 and 31st Aug 2015
U10 - Born between 1st Sept 2013 and 31st Aug 2014
U11 - Born between 1st Sept 2012 and 31st Aug 2013
U12 - Born between 1st Sept 2011 and 31st Aug 2012
U13 - Born between 1st Sept 2010 and 31st Aug 2011
U14 - Born between 1st Sept 2009 and 31st Aug 2010
U15 - Born between 1st Sept 2008 and 31st Aug 2009
U16 - Born between 1st Sept 2007 and 31st Aug 2008
U17 - Born between 1st Sept 2006 and 31st Aug 2007
Juniors may play above their age groups but not below

Children are members of a group up until the end of the season of the year in which they have their birthday.
For instance, if a child is 9 years old and they turn 10 on 1st May, they continue to be a member of U9s until the end of the season (which is 31st August) then they move up to U11s. This roughly fits to school years.

For Social membership please contact Louise Chippendale at or visit the club to pick up an information leaflet.